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We've got everything you need to handle the cold and ice!
ACE Ice Melter
Reformulated to melt ice faster and resist re-freezing.
  • Improved custom blend optimizes melting performance
  • Melts ice down to -10°F (-23°C).
  • Effectively resists re-freezing, reducing the need for additional application.s
  • Safe on air-entrained concrete for cold-weather climates, when applied as directed.
  • Won't harm pets or vegetation, when applied as directed.
  • Reformulated with magnesium chloride for better performance and environmental care.
Available in 10lb., 20lb., and 40lb. bags or in 40lb. pail.
Ace Ice Melter
Safe Step® Power 4300 Dual Blend™
Enhanced melting action. Inhibits corrosion.
Formulated with a unique blend of both sodium chloride and magnesium chloride, Safe Step® Power 4300 Dual Blend™ has the power to melt through ice and snow, while inhibiting corrosion. Pound for pound, Power 4300 Dual Blend™ represents an excellent value over traditional rock salt.
  • Blended with magnesium chloride for fast and effective ice melting.
  • Corrosion inhibitors to reduce potential damage to metal.
  • Melts ice down to -7°F/-21°C.
  • Powerful and proven performance.
  • Safe for people and pets when used as directed.
  • Safe when used as directed on air-entrained, cold-weather concrete that is at least one year old.
Available in 20lb. poly bags and 50lb. poly bags.
Cherry Stone Traction Grit
Bite into ice at any temperature
Bite into ice to create a rough surface to walk and drive on in any conditions.
  • Works at any temperature
  • Natural crushed purple quartzite
  • No harsh chemicals or residue
Available in 50lb. bags.
Cherry Stone Grit