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Mosquitoes Out In Force—Nyberg’s Ace is the Mosquito Control Place!


[Sioux Falls, SD] (July 9, 2014)— Did you know there are 44 different kinds of mosquitoes in South Dakota?  About half of them can spread some type of disease that can be spread to humans.  It’s important to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other biting insects, especially now, since the rains Southeast South Dakota received throughout June provided the perfect environment for mosquitoes to come out in full strength for the summer.  Nyberg’s Ace mosquito specialist Rick Swanson states, “Don’t let these hot, dry days fool you.  Mosquitoes thrive on the recent wet conditions we have had and will remain to be a problem in the coming months.  We carry a wide variety of products to combat mosquitoes at a range of prices to help keep mosquitoes at bay.”

         Protect your family with personal mosquito control products.  DEET is the most effective repellent to use to safeguard against mosquitoes and other biting insects.  DEET was invented by the army in 1946 to keep soldiers safe and is a popular repellent still today.  The maximum concentration of DEET to be used on a child older than 2 months old is 30%.  Different people prefer different types of coverage.  Whether they want a lighter feel product, non-sticky & non-greasy, water-based formula, scent free or tropical scents, Nyberg’s Ace offers repellents in sprays, foams, wipes and even purse- or pocket-sized repellents to ensure that your family is protected even when you’re on the go.  Since mosquitoes can bite throughout the day as well as in the evening, it is recommended to use an insect repellent with sunscreen when outdoors. 

Nyberg’s Ace recognizes that some prefer to use an all-natural product rather than DEET, therefore, there is an offering of products without DEET as well that are equally effective.  BugOff! Wristbands are an easy way to fight against insects… Another DEET-free product is the Grandma’s Pure & Natural “Don’t Bug Me Bar” Pure Soap.  Just lather it on before the park or the ball game and you’re set. 

A great way to fight against mosquitoes is to safeguard yards from standing water where mosquito larva hatch and grow.  Nyberg’s Ace offers Mosquito Bits, Dunks, and other products that are dissolved in the standing water and kills the mosquitoes before they hatch.  These products can be added to any water gardens, flowerpots, rain barrels, tree holes, roof gutters, birdbaths, drainage ditches, even livestock watering troughs.

Yard foggers, sprays, and lawn insect killers are a great way to go for a “bug free” back yard for an evening, weekend, or even longer.  Cutter 2-pack Yard Fogger and Cutter Bug Free Backyard Spray protects up to 4,000 sq. ft and works up to weeks even after rain. 

The Mosquito Magnet Defender is another way to dramatically reduce the mosquito population with a backyard mosquito trap.  It provides protection up to an acre!